Theoretical framework and self-training modules

How can audiovisual production be used to denounce racism? What are the recurring issues in anti-racist short films? What do they say about our society ? How to tackle antiracism in an amateur film production?

Based on the analysis of over 200 amateur short films made in Belgium (Média Animation), Portugal (4change) and Greece (Karpos), the CLAP! consortium has produced an analytical framework for questioning the creative process of a production denouncing racism: How do you write a script and share a clear, controlled point of view? What pitfalls should be avoided? Discover the thinking behind the CLAP! project, and use this knowledge to run your own collective screenwriting workshop.

CLAP! also offers online modules to enable any trainer to learn how to make a film. Module 1 illustrates the theoretical framework that can be downloaded above. Module 2 provides answers to all the questions you might have when preparing your video workshop. Module 3 includes a variety of creative activities to be carried out with your group in preparation for making the film, available as a downloadable toolkit.

These self-training modules are freely accessible to any interested workshop leader.

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