Module 3: Film production toolkit for trainers

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Let us go from theory to practice! 17 activities to energize your film workshop

Thanks to Module 1, you’ll be able to write a collective script with your group of participants. Then, Module 2 prepared you to run a film workshop. Now it’s time to gather your flok, to plug the mics and charge the batteries.

These 17 different activities are to be carried out with your group to learn the handling of equipment and the basics of audiovisual language. They are a great opportunity to be creative with your group. They have as main objective to prepare the participants to the shooting of their film.

They focus on Photography, Video, Storytelling, Editing and Sound. Depending on your objective and time, you can choose to do all exercises or just the ones that inspire the group.

But most of all : enjoy the activities, have fun and get connected to each other!




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12+ (collective activities)

Equipment needed

Depending on the activities

Note : this toolkit will soon be integrated directly in the website.