Module 2: How to set up a video project?

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How to set up a video project?

What are the distinctive characteristics of a collective production? How do you define your objectives and understand each stage? How do you appropriate the basics of audiovisual language?

This training module is meant to support facilitators who are launching an audiovisual creation with their group and offer various tips for carrying it out successfully.

It is structured around four chapters through a step-by-step discovery. Each chapter is presented as ‘frequently asked questions’ that one might ask oneself before managing a group. There are film excerpts to analyse and fun and creative activities to help you assimilate the content. Each section ends with a series of follow-up suggestions.

We recommend taking personal notes as you go through the module: they will help you adapt the content to the reality of the field.


Media litteracy, cinema, interculturality, racism


3 h


18+ (self-training module)

Equipment needed

Connected computer, headphones or speaker

Coordinating the project

Where you’ll find the keys to get from start
to finish of your project

The basics of audio-visual language

Where it’s a question of appropriating a new way of expressing yourself.

Creating a video project

Where the steps to follow to make a collective film
are highlighted.

Group management

Where we discuss the distribution of tasks
and group cohesion.